Contact Neighbors
Directory (download)

Please use the Colony Farms Subdivision Association ("CFSA") directory to assist you in communicating with your neighbors!

There is some information missing for a few lots but the vast majority has been obtained. Special thanks go out to Linda Coughlin who spent many hours tracking us all down to get this information and entering it into Excel.

If you are unsure as to the spelling of your CFSA email address, it is listed in this directory. We chose not to publish personal email addresses since the majority of you have your CFSA email set up to forward to your personal email account. This way, all communications will go through the CFSA email system.

Further, there are less email addresses to use since one CFSA email can forward to two or more personal email accounts (I.e., to both your and your spouse's email adresses). Email Jarrad by clicking the following link to request your CFSA email to be forwarded to additional email addresses (email jarrad).

If you have your CFSA email forwarded to your personal email account, you would still want to log in to the CFSA email system if you prefer to send an email from your CFSA email (rather than from your personal email).

CFSA Email Instructions (download)
In case you misplaced your email instructions, you can view it here. Refer to the directory to get the exact spelling of your email login. Click the following link to access the site (